There are two rooms within the Helming House location in Hermann, Missouri.  You will feel right at home when you walk in each of the living conditions.  Each room has its own style and decor that help you relax and breathe easier .

The first floor bedroom has a calming blue affect.  The quilt and pillow cases sprawling across the queen size bed call out in anticipation and it will be difficult to refuse.  The two pictures next to the bed offer a quaint country scene and an atmosphere that is sure to call you out to Hermann again and again.

The second floor bedroom has a European loft feel to it.  The California king size bed is lined with a hand-quilted spread and decorated on either side with two night stands.  You can enjoy the quiet feel of a down-home country town or sit back, relax and enjoy the cable television.  Either way, the hours will slip through your fingers and the prospect of returning to this beautiful city and home will revive itself again and again.